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World’s Best Places To Celebrate New Year Eve

by Jasleen K.R. January 1, 2019
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New year’s eve is one of the most celebrated occasions throughout the world and people make end’s meet to make the most of it as the clock strikes 12 and the new years commences. If you are confused about where to head to this new year’s eve, worry no more as we have the best places to celebrate new year on our list. Let’s have a look at these places –


1. New York City, New York


new york new year's eve

Source – NBC


New York is an extremely special place to be during the midnight of the new year as the crowds are on the streets are going crazy. Not only that, there is an amazing tradition of ball drop going on since 1907. The iconic ball is dropped from the top of the One Times Square at 11:59 and it lands down in 60 seconds at midnight announcing the new year. Loads of confetti falls from the sky as the people wish each other the new year. New York is unquestionably one of the best places to celebrate new year with its light shows and celebrity performances.


2. Paris, France


Paris new years eve

Source – Potomac Point Winery


Embellishing the symbol of love – Eiffel Tower, Paris becomes all the more lively during the new year celebrations as the city of lights shows its applausable colors at the strike of twelve on the new year. One of the best places to celebrate new year, Paris displays magical fireworks at Eiffel Tower mesmerizing all the visitors. The fun doesn’t end here, another essential thing to do is taking up one of the boat cruises alongside the river Seine to watch the fireworks lighting up the sky.


3. Bangkok, Thailand


bangkok new years eve

Source – Expique


Bangkok hosts Asia’s best festivities on the new year where the metropolis locals and the expats come together to make merry. There are live concerts all around the place along with light shows. If that’s not enough, Bangkok has a jaw-dropping firework display at midnight as the crowd chants the countdown to welcome the new year. You can head to Asiatique to be a part of the countdown or enjoy the parties at one of the beer gardens and nightclubs.


4. Goa, India


goa new years eve

Source – Titos Goa


Goa is the party place of India and celebrating new years eve at this place can be one of the most memorable experiences. People from around the world visit Goa to party and booze on the beach and it is a hotspot for the new year celebrations. You can enjoy the fireworks while dancing to the crazy music. The loudest and the wildest parties are centered on the Anjuna while the most intimate gatherings can be experienced down south at the Palolem.


5. London, England


london new years eve

Source – Londonist


This capital city is one of the best places to celebrate new year. London city is booming with celebrations during this time of the year as the sky is lit with elaborate fireworks for 250,000 spectators that visit the place. Join these people as they chant the countdown together before Big Ben’s strike of midnight and feel the immense craze of the crowds. If you are not well-suited for crowded places, you can take the other route by enjoying the fireworks from a distance by taking a river cruise. The one thing you just should not miss is the marching parade and procession of the Queen’s horses.


6. Sydney, Australia


sydney new years eve

Source – The Russell Hotel


Home to one of the largest new year festivities, Sydney is one of the best places to celebrate new year as a million people join in the feast. Sydney Harbour Bridge is lit up with light shows and the spectacular fireworks during this time. There are two fireworks, one at 9 PM and the other when the clock chimes midnight and announces new year. Other attractions are the indigenous smoking ceremony and lighted boat parade which you should not miss at all.


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