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We Wish You a Weird Christmas – Christmas Traditions

by Kmr December 25, 2016
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Every place has its unique way of celebrating when it comes to Christmas, but there are a few places which take the lead when it comes to having really weird Christmas traditions.

Lets have a look at few of these places :


1. Taking a freezing dip in Britain


On the morning of Christmas day, thousands of people take a skinny dip in the freezing water at Brighton Beach and the Serpentine in Hyde Park as part of a charity event. People come up dressed in funny Christmas costumes like puddings and giant wrapped presents to take part in this growing tradition now. Although the water is bound to be freezing, it doesn’t slow down the people charging towards the sea and they always come back next year with more people with them.


2. Kentucky Fried Christmas Tradition in Japan

In Japan every year, almost 3.6 million people go to American fast food chain, KFC to treat themselves. This tradition began in 1970 shortly after it opened up. Thanks to Takeshi Okawara who became the CEO of KFC later. He suggested the idea of “Party Barrel” as a special Christmas dinner after he heard a couple of foreigners talking about how they missed eating Turkey on Christmas and now the tradition has gone too far and KFC sells 10 times on Christmas in Japan as compared to the rest of the days.


3. Send letters to Santa in Canada

As a kid did you ever write a letter to Santa demanding a gift on Christmas. Well now you can actually send letters to Santa, using the address

                SANTA CLAUS

                NORTH POLE            HOH OHO


And the best part is the Santa actually replies considering the fact that you wrote early enough to get the reply. So, have the kids in your family write to Dear Santa…


4. Go Roller Skating in Caracas

In the Venezuelan capital Caracas, it is a ritual for the entire city to “roller skate” to the early morning Christmas mass. Due to this the access to vehicles is also blocked in many areas till 8 A.M. In Venezuela the elaborate celebrations for Christmas start right from 16 December and Mass services are held every morning in the church till 24 December. These masses are called Misas de Aguinaldo. As if Christmas celebrations are not so much fun already.


5. Decorating Banana Trees in India

In India, Christmas is a small festival compare with other huge festivals. but still, there are 25 million Christian and hence it’s a big time festival. In a tropical country like India, it’s almost impossible to decorate the traditional Christmas tree but that doesn’t bring down their excitement. so here in India they decorate “Banana or Mango trees” with lights, sparkling little colourful balls, glittery stars to keep Christmas traditions alive.


6. Extra plate for dead in Portugal

Consoada (the tradition of getting together for dinner) is on the eve of Christmas before mass, while waiting for Father Christmas. In Portugal, one of the Christmas traditions involves setting extra plates for the “Alminhas a penar ” i.e souls of the dead and they serve food in those plates as well to wish them well.


7. Hiding all Brooms in Norway

It is actually believed in Norway that witches roam the skies along with other bad spirits on Christmas day. And since witches fly on brooms, people tend to hide all their whispers, broomsticks, just to stop the bad witches from stealing them. though this seems too strange, but is true.



8. Decorated with spider webs in Ukraine

According to a legend, in Ukraine, a poor widow did not have money to decorate her Christmas tree.  But on the Christmas morning a spider had spun the web to decorate it, which turned silver, gold as light hit it. Since then people hide spider webs in trees and the one who finds it is supposed to have good luck.


9. Checking Love Life in Czech

The people of Czech are considered really romantic. During Christmas, the unmarried ones stand at the doors and throw a shoe over their shoulder. If the shoe lands with the toe pointing towards the door hey will marry within the next year. This might seem bit odd to hear about but is actually concidered to be an honest fatal judgment on this special christmas day.


10. The good witch in Italy

Thousands of years ago in Italy an old women Befana could not join the Magi. While they were distributing gifts, she promised to join later as she was busy with housework. The next day she ran after them with her broom but they were long gone. Ever since that day, Befana was believed to fly over sky, leaving gifts and presents in the stockings of good children.


11. Burning of the Devil in Guatemala

The burning of the Devil. One of the very unusual Christmas traditions where families burn the effigy of Satan outside their homes. It is Guatemalan’s way of cleaning their homes from devils that lurk in their homes. This tradition started way back in the 18th century and still continues to be held by beliefs till date.



Hope you have a merry Christmas Eve 🙂

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