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Why Travel – The Road Less Taken

by Jasleen K.R. October 2, 2016
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Life will come, take it as you may. We all were born with a lot of tags on us, mostly all of them given by humans. Rich or poor, High caste or a low breed, future teacher or Chartered Accountant and so on. But what if someone was born only as a bird with wings; with the only desire to fly and travel the world. It will be a little offbeat but let the world know what you were born to do. If you start questioning why travel should be your lifestyle, here is the answer :


Why Travel ?

In this world where money is worshiped more than God himself, one must plan to achieve things bigger than money and earn experiences that last a lifetime. The people with such dreams in their heart stand apart from the crowd that is chasing money in the rat race.


Taking ‘the road not taken’

Don’t let the people with no imagination crumple your extraordinary dreams. Things might push you in the opposite direction. Now quit blaming your luck or whining about it in the corner of your house. If you really wish to explore the blue planet, then you must.

So smile and prepare yourself for the best things that are yet to come. Don’t wait for the right time. Maybe there is no so-called-fate waiting for you. Doesn’t cutting through the woods and carving your own path also seem like a good idea ?

Therefore my friend, taking ‘the road not taken‘ will be a lot easier if you stop thinking about the reasons why it was never taken before.


Why is it The Road Less Taken ?

The people will tell you are normal, they will try to define you with the old definitions. But don’t let them confine you within the walls when you were meant fly high, my bird.


Does shortage of money really restrict you ?

Travel being such an interesting way of life remains to be rarely chosen by people. They list the excuses why they don’t want to explore the world and sit on the same couch their entire life. Some say family restriction, some want to save money in bank and others have responsibilities. In real, these are mere things you tell your conscious at night about why you have to be normal even you have the urge to go and travel.

Does shortage of money really restrict you or do you actually let people rule your choices ? Nothing in the whole wide world can stop you once you pack that bag and decide to take the road. So, don’t let the world tell you to run in the mad rat race of chasing money until you die. Don’t just die like that. Take the road you dreamt of before that time comes when you can just regret the chances you didn’t take.


Let the world show you everything it has for you.



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