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Why Dating a Traveler Can Be Life-Changing

by Jasleen K.R. November 30, 2017
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When it comes to dating, we want to leave no stone unturned to find the best of the best. We want our life to be a bed of roses especially when it comes to seeing someone. From watching romantic sunsets to having adventures together, there is something about having traveler for a lover that most cannot live up to. So, we are bringing for you all the reasons why dating a traveler can be life-changing for you :


Spontaneous Humans

There is a bug in the feet of travelers that they just cannot give too much time in one place. If you are dating a traveler you will be living your life always ready for the next adventure.

adventures of dating a traveler

” always ready for the next adventure “

The best way to spend away these years is by always embracing new ideas and that is what you will be learning from your better half if they are a travel freak.


Dates Are Not Just Fancy Restaurants

Having a companion who is a fanatic about going to various places will make certain that they do not give you the typical Valentine gifts like the rest of the crowd. Just keep your bags packed and hope it is somewhere with a cell phone reception. It can be anywhere from a majestic waterfall to a vast desert.

having fun dates while dating a traveler

” keep your bags packed “

You will be having loads of fun no matter you are diving or riding a camel. They will be taking you miles away to have the special time with you.


They Can Cure Any Fear You Have

There is no better person to help you overcome your fears than a traveler. They have had so many adventures themselves that they know the best ways to adapt to a situation that you do not like and are particularly scared of. They might have faced the same fear too.

hiking with partner

” will help you face new daring adventures “

Dating a traveler will help you face new daring adventures every other day and you will begin to love it all. The way you embrace your fears will give a new perspective on life.



Combination of Energetic and Calm

They can be both extremes at the same time contradictory to the popular belief defining them as restless beings. They can be as energetic as the need be when they are out for an adventure.

being in love with a traveler

” calm as a winter evening if the situation demands “

But even calm as a winter evening if the situation demands that. You dating a traveler will give you a perfect person in the role of a partner for you.


Will Have a Story for Every Date

A travel lover has been to so many places during their lifetime. The more the places, the more stories they have related to their journey and stay. You will have a gala time dating a traveler as they will make the best use of their time with you narrating their stories to entertain you.

having a good time with lover

” You will never run out of topics to discuss “

You will not have the awkward first dates where you run out of conversations. A traveler will give you a fun time when you go out.


Saving Every Penny

Another positive outlook to dating a traveler is that they are not very extravagant beings and do not have much liking for material things. Rather they would invest in experiences. If they love adventures, they surely have a habit of cutting down on huge expenses to save for their travel.

saving money in a piggy bank

” they are not very extravagant beings “

You will learn a lot about the tricks they have in their bucket to save every penny they can in order to put it out for better things.


Friendly as One Can Be

A person who has been to several destinations is capable of adapting to new situations and people really quickly. If there is one thing that you will learn when dating a traveler it is how they can make friends out of complete strangers.

having a good shopping experience

” make friends out of complete strangers “


You do not have to think twice about taking them to meet your buddies and even parents.



A Different Perspective on Life

A person who loves to travel is someone who carries a different mantra of living life. Their lifestyle would be very different from the one which we see around us in the city.

spending an adventurous evening

” a different mantra of living life “

They take problems in a different approach and their solutions are mind-soothing as it generally involves taking a road trip.If you are dating a traveler, you will gain this perspective as well only to make your life even better.


” I’d travel the world

with you by my side “


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Akshita December 1, 2017 - 10:18 AM

I am someone who loves to go places as much as I can. I can say that the fellow travelers I meet are the coolest people ever. I wish I find my soulmate in one of them soon.

Patricia Noell December 7, 2017 - 3:34 AM

This is one amazing article to be honest. You have given me a new idea for dating good guys. I am surely going for a traveler guy now.


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