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United Nation’s Report : World’s Happiest Country

by Kmr March 21, 2017
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Can you guess world’s Happiest Country?

United  Nation’s  report  about  World’s  Happiest  Country  is  out.  Yes,  there  is  something  like  that  as  well.  Though  it  would  seem  a  bit  weird  for  believing  that  some  people  actually  keep  a  track  and  build  data  about  measuring  the  world’s  happiness.  Before  you  go  ahead  reading,  take  a  pause  and  think  which  country  will  be.  Can  you  guess  it? ….  yes,  you   can try,  after  all,  we  are  always  there  to  correct  you.  But  yes  to  let  you  know,  India  is  still  not  anywhere  near  the  top.


United Nation’s Worlds Happiest country report 2017 has  155 countries ranked on the basis of six factors-

Per capita gross domestic product, Healthy life expectancy, Freedom, Generosity, Social support and Absence of corruption in government or business.

Some interesting key facts according to the data 0f 2017:

happiest country, Norway. United Nations World Happiest Report 2017

Norway jumped from 4th place in 2016 to 1st place this year. Followed by Denmark, Iceland, and Switzerland, though very close to each other according to world’s happiest countries report 2017.





United nations worlds happiest country report 2017, africa still lagging behind


Talking about the countries that fared embarrassingly bad, left out on the last few ranks of the list, include Liberia, Guinea, Tanzania and the Central African Republicstill, a long way to go, keep going… keep going, guys….




united nations worlds happiest countries report 2017, americans on 14th rank


(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

The story of reduced happiness, USA. According to the report of 2007, USA was ranked 3rd. “The United States offers a vivid portrait of a country that is looking for happiness in ‘all the wrong places’,” the report says. “The country is mired in a rolling social crisis that is getting worse.” This time it is ranked at 14, Germany 16th and UK held the 19th spot.



Here’s the chart that you’re looking for:


A chart displaying top 10 happiest country of the world according to United Nation’s report.



Country Happiness Rank Best Countries Rank
Norway 1 10
Denmark 2 12
Iceland 3 Not Ranked
Switzerland 4 1
Finland 5 13
Netherlands 6 11
Canada 7 2
New Zealand 8 14
Australia 9 8
Sweden 10 6

(source for world’s happiest country chart: U.S. News in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton)



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Kunal September 8, 2017 - 6:43 PM

Norway has always been my favorite ❤️


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