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Right from the childhood, I was that kid who looked out the window and got all fascinated by the things that were passing by - the brick kilns, the electricity towers etc. This love grew to me wanting to see a lot more than visible from that window. Travel The Blue is my diary which captures all my travel. We hope to ignite the light of nomad life in you as you go through the  ttb  Diaries.......




What is ttb all about?

There came a time when we no longer wanted to write for other people.  It was our time to make better plans, and that gave root to the thought of starting our own travel blog.

There are two things that we loved the most, travelling and writing. With this blog, we got to do both. We got a chance to let our wanderlust for travelling describe us. 

This blog is everything we have ever experienced as being travelers and how it came about for us, our personal feelings and how our journey took us to a whole new world every time.

Our travel stories can surely be a good read for you all and we hope we do make you all travel with us. 




Why this name?

When we began to give shape to our "better plan" our idea of a travel blog, it was complicated settling for a name that could perfectly define our motto.

What better could define it other than the word “travel”, but the setback was it being too commonly used by every blogger. So, we had to define it more.

When it comes to travel, we want to go as far on the planet until we start coming back to where we started from. Travelling the whole planet was what we were looking forward to; travelling our “blue” planet.

This way we ended up with our name – “ Travel The Blue”

So far we are enjoying the name and its meaning that holds great importance for us.




 The motive behind Travel The Blue?

I always got fascinated by sunsets and tried to describe it in my own words, capturing that moment in the pages to envision it again and again in the future.

Travel The Blue is just a bigger version of the page I wrote years back. It is an attempt to let people travel the same journey I did as my words take them for a ride.

A proposal to meet other people like us who have the same hunger to explore the world and let them know our story.

An attempt at a better life far from the chaos of offices and desks.


If you want a visual into my life, here is a video that perfectly defines it.


"Story of my Life "

"ttb Story"

We thank you all for reading us.