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Pulga village mountains, Parvati Valley

Pulga, Himachal Pradesh – The Perfect Escape | Travel The Blue

by Jasleen K.R. February 24, 2019
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We were in real need of a break as we all had reached the verge of frustration while working at desks for nine hours a day and then someone coined this magical word in a discussion – Pulga! Never heard of it ever before on the famous travel channels I followed, I became more intrigued about the place and asked about the details of it. The second magical word that followed was “fairy forests” and I became determined to go to this magical place – Pulga, Himachal Pradesh.


Mountain views from Pulga, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

* Sunbathing with the view of the Himalayas *


Where is Pulga?

Pulga is a small village in the Parvati valley and only 2 hours’ drive from Kasol. It is situated in Himachal Pradesh, at the height of 9498 feet (2895 m) above sea level.


What is the best time to visit?

Pulga usually has a cold climate due to its altitude. It’s freezing even in summer months especially during the night. Therefore, late March to October is the best time to visit.
The winter months usually have snowfall and the temperature drops down very low.


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How to Reach?

You can easily reach Pulga from Delhi. We started our journey by taking a bus to Bhuntar from Kashmiri Gate bus station. You have to book your tickets in advance and reach a little early for the bus as the buses depart on time. We usually take the night journey and this time was no different. We took a bus at 10 pm from Kashmiri Gate towards Bhunter with excitement bubbling inside us. The fare of the bus was fairly cheap as it cost us 750 INR. We covered 448 km from Delhi to Bhuntar in about 12-13 hours before setting our happy feet in Bhuntar.


Pulga Route Map - Delhi to Pulga - How to reach Pulga

Route Map – Delhi to Pulga


We took a short break in Bhuntar before setting out to Kasol. We took a bus to Kasol which is about 30 km from Bhuntar. The bus ride to Kasol was hardly an hour’s distance.

From there, you can either take a night’s halt in Kasol or Challal or if you are on a tight schedule, you can take another bus to Barshaini which is about 18 km from Kasol and takes an hour to reach by bus.
Once you get down at Barshaini, Pulga is just a short trek away from you. It takes about 30-45 minutes to cover the distance of about 2 km before you can unwind amidst the fairy forests.


Places to Stay in Pulga, Parvati Valley - Where to Stay in Pulga, Himachal Pradesh

* The homestays are fairly affordable in Pulga, Himachal Pradesh *


Where to stay?

You won’t find luxury hotels around this area to stay. But, homestays are available with decent Indian, Chinese, Italian and Israeli food. The homestays are fairly affordable but the food is a little expensive. But its all worth it.


Things to Do –


1. Go for a hike in the woods


Fairy forests of Pulga, Parvati Valley

* it gives you the much-needed serenity *


If you are seeking peace and calm, Pulga, Himachal Pradesh is the perfect place to be. It is the dream place for any traveler as it gives you the much-needed serenity. To make the best of this place, you must set out for a hike in the woods but do carry a water bottle with you. Then let yourself soak in the vibrations of nature around you.


2. Stay in a wooden house


wooden house homestay in Pulga, Himachal Pradesh

* old school and perfect for your mountain retreat *


If there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss while you are on a visit to Pulga, Himachal Pradesh it is the beautifully constructed wooden houses in the village. They are very old school and perfect for your mountain retreat. The creaking wood of the houses gives a spooky vibe as you on the floorboard. But it’s a sweet nothing as compared to the shining moon amongst a million stars in the night sky.


3. Enjoy the fairy forests


Fairy forests of Pulga, Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh

* The dense fairy forests *


Staying in Pulga brings you close to the fairy forests lined up with pine trees. The forest is so dense that even the sun can hardly reach through and that makes up the best resting place on the ground. While you are in Pulga, Himachal Pradesh it is a must to explore the fairy forests and enjoy the landscape.


4. Enjoy the food of the local cafes


Cafe Pulga in Pulga, parvati valley, himachal pradesh

* Savor the local food *


What’s better than enjoying a cup of ‘pahadi chai’ aka the local tea as you immerse yourself with the charm of the mountains. There is nothing better than the simple Indian food served hot after finishing a hiking trip. Savor the local food and let you tastebuds relish the flavors. There are some local cafes in Pulga where you can enjoy the local meals without burning a hole in your pocket.


5. Rejuvenate yourself


water in Pulga, Himachal Pradesh

* Unburden your mind and let your soul feel free *


Restore. Renew. Refresh. That’s why you came to this magical land in the first place, right! Let yourself lose and forget about the responsibilities on you for a while. Unburden your mind and let your soul feel free. Pulga, Himachal Pradesh will serve as your rejuvenation only if you let it. You have to surrender yourself to the mother nature to feel the liberty.


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A Humble Appeal to the Travelers –

Pulga is a hidden treasure amidst the fairy forests without the touch of modernization. Let’s keep it that way. Do not let tourism ruin the natural beauty of this place.
If you carry eatables and drinks with you to the forest, bring the bottles and packets back with you in the bag and dispose of them correctly. Don’t let the garbage demolish the beautiful land.


Watch our Vlog for a peek into Pulga village ♥!




Let the fairy forest be your guide

and the glistening sunrise

from behind the mountains be your calling.


Special thanks to my college buddies for accompanying me to this magical place and making the trip so memorable.



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