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Places That Will Scare the Crap out of You

by Jasleen K.R. October 20, 2016
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If travel increases our vision and horror brings a chill to our bones, then the combination of the two is a marvelous package. From a place where you can peep direct into the hell to a town that was abandoned by all its citizens to save their life, we have uncovered some really creepy places that will scare you.

If thrilling adventures is your idea of traveling, then these places should be on your list. While they seem to scare people from their photos, you cannot control goosebumps when you are there. Let’s have a look at the Places That Will Scare the Crap out of You :


Haunted Dolls of Isle de las Munecas


Because of an unfortunate event, the beautiful island of Mexico’s Isla de las Munecas turned into a horror  story. An urban legend has it that a girl drowned in the Xochimilco canals outside Mexico city few decades back. After her unforeseen death, strangely dolls began washing up on the shore of a small island where she died. The caretaker of the island, Don Julian Santana Barrera, was devastated after he couldn’t save her and started hanging those dolls from the trees of the island in her memory.


* Too much Annabelle ?! *

Over the years, the trees got filled with these rotting dolls. The scary part is that people believe that the dolls are possessed with the spirit of the dead girl and they whisper to each other. Also, after 50 years of the incident, Barrera was found drowned in the same spot as the girl in 2001. How spooky is that ?


Gateway to Hell in Karakum Desert


In 1971, Soviet scientists dug up the ground in Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert considering it a substantial oil field. But shockingly, the ground beneath was a huge gas field and the ground collapsed into a crater taking everything including the camp of the scientists. The scientists set the crater on fire in order to prevent the spread of the poisonous methane gas.


* This probably might just “Drag You To Hell” *

The result of which was this doorway to hell lookalike as the 30 meter deep crater is still burning after four decades of that incident. Though the scientists were hoping it would cool down after a few days or weeks, but it seems the flames will never stop burning.


Skeletons of Roopkund Lake


In 1942, a wanderer  came across a shocking sight of a glacial lake surrounded by human skeletons. But when summer came and the ice on the lake melted, even more skeletons came into view, some with flesh and hair still attached. The mystery remained for a long time as to what or who had killed all these people making the remote area into a mass grave.


* 200 skeletons just lying there ? Seriously ?! *

The skeletons actually belonged to 200 to 300 people, who died from a massive hailstorm. A cricket-ball sized hailstones had hit their heads and shoulders. With no place to hide, the entire tribe of pilgrims on their way died in a mass death. And their remains still haunt the place.


Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee


This supernatural legend is unlike any other and therefore really famous among the people. Over time, so many people started coming to visit the Bell’s home that it had to be taken down for safety measures.


* So haunted that they had to break down the house !! *

John Bell, a farmer shifted here in 1804 with his family. After a few years they began hearing knocking sounds and seeing strange looking animals. An investigation started when things went out of control. Soon, the unseen force gained a voice and once stated that it was the witch of the neighbour woman named Kate Batts.

She tormented the family members especially John who eventually died of poisoning. She left the place after that and she keeps coming back after every few years as per her promise. Would you dare to visit this creepy cave which is still haunted by the witch.


Poisonous Town of  Centralia, Pennsylvania


Although Centralia is not haunted, there are enough reasons to think that it it. One of the main reasons people think that it is haunted is the close resemblance to the place in the 2006 horror flick Silent Hill which included cracked roads and steam rising from the ground.  The movie’s writer admitted he had Centralia in mind while writing the screenplay.

But what bizarre events made this town seem ghostly even without the presence of ghosts ?


* “The Silent Hill” movie was based on the horrors of this town *

In 1962, a coal seam fire took place in the coal mines of Centralia. They have been burning ever since and are predicted to continue for the next 250 years. The people abandoned the town and shifted to nearby places. The reason was, roads and building all started collapsing. The fire heats the groundwater to boiling temperatures causing steam to rise from the ground.This gives the impression that some paranormal activity took place that could scare everyone away. But now you know the story.


So did that give you goosebumps or travel goals ?



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