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A Longing Within Me – Introspecting My Wanderlust

by Jasleen K.R. November 17, 2016
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Can I have a new home after every few days as I travel and can the winds of that place be my drug as I inhale them standing at the shore of the ocean letting the waters wash my feet ?


It has been days and I haven’t gone out of this house. But now I have a longing within me, a calling from some strange land that wants me there. Almost like its my home and I’m homesick right now. I am a dreamer. My brain travels every night taking me to places, my body too cannot stay here for long now.


For some reason I feel myself when I’m around nature. I prefer the noise of the rushing waves to the cringy noise of honking horns from the vehicles of the restless drivers. I don’t deny being a part of the city crowd but never felt that I belonged there. Therefore, being at my terrace during the sunset watching those birds take their flight in the endless sky made me wonder and envious at the same time. Always imagined having wings and flying till I’m terribly tired. My human form won’t allow any such thing funnily! But traveling and exploring will be a lot like flying where my vision replaces the wings and my feet won’t stop.

Having Wings

When being a bird or having wings became practically impossible, the idea of exploring places as far as I can still didn’t leave my mind. After a few years, the idea of flying in this human form took over me and I never wanted to stop. I knew I was capable of putting magic in my words and my wanderlust combined took me down the path I am on today – Travel Blogging !


I want people to fly with me when they read my words, my stories. The longing to have wings took shape in the form of a travel writer I decided to be. Understood that happiness can only be bought in experiences and no living form can stop me now.


I want to fly,

want to explore

and want to travel this Blue.


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swati jain November 17, 2016 - 5:10 PM

well written and said!

Jasleen K.R. November 18, 2016 - 4:47 AM

Thank you.
Go through our other blogposts too 😀

Sumit jain September 23, 2017 - 4:58 PM

a wonderful article.
well done. i look forward for a lot more like these.


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