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Dreamy Destinations That Are Almost Unreal

by Jasleen K.R. November 5, 2016
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When you plan a vacation, but you don’t want to go from one crowded noisy place to another. These dreamy destinations that look like a picture-perfect scene from a Disney fairy tale will let you have the best holiday. From the beautiful English landscape that inspired JRR Tolkien to the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, here are places that are so magical that they hardly seem real :


Lake Sørvágsvatn, Vagar Island


Not so deep after all !

This lake is the most amazing optical illusion of the nature as it seems that the lake is hundreds of metres above the sea. But in real, it is only 30 metres above sea level but nature works its wonders here fooling us with its deceptions. A clever click of camera  and the lake will appear higher than it really is. It is also the biggest lake in the Faroe Islands stretching at a length of more than 6km. A truly fascinating wonder of nature.


Lake District, Cumbria


Back in the days of Bilbo Baggins

Coming to life right out of glittering postcards, Lake District is surrounded by fascinating lakes, burbling brooks and green hills. Being the eponymous residence of English poets like William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, this landscape district has got be the most beautiful place. Moreover, this place was JRR Tolkien’s  inspiration for the beautiful town of Shire in The Lord of the Rings. Nearly 16 million visitors come here annually for hiking and sight-seeing. This place is one from the storybooks.


Preikestolen, Norway


Photography Goals ? I know.

Also known as Preacher’s Pulpit or Pulpit Rock, Preikstolen towers 604m above the azure waters below. You must be familiar of this view from the Roadrunner cartoons too. The formation of the steep cliff took place in the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago when a glacier collided against its surrounding mountains. Left behind was this really beautiful cliff.


Sagrada Familia, Spain


Game of Castles

This Roman Gothic church has a really fascinating story behind it. The construction began in 1882 and is still continuing because of the several disruptions including death of its architect, Antoni Gaudi who was one of the most famed architects in Spain and the Spanish Civil War. Despite all that, this church is most famous tourist place of Barcelona and attracts 3 million people every year. This place is a Unesco World Heritage Site and a legend in itself whether you visit it to appreciate the intricate design or as part of a holy pilgrimage.


Neuschwantein Castle, Bavaria


Let’s be a princess today

Rising from the Alpine foothills southwest Bavaria, this fairy tale castle is the dream of every little girl who dreamt of being a princess. The glowing limestone facade, beautiful turrets and the interiors of the palace adorned with shining armours of knights. The rumour has it that this castle was the source of inspiration for many Disney princesses’ castles. This seems like a place I would have if I were a princess.


Krzywy Domek, Poland


Am I a little drunk or this house is ?

This is not an illusion but a real house in Poland. This Crooked House has topsy-turvy roofline and weirdly shaped windows and doors which make a piece of attraction out of this building. This fascinating building occupies a region of 4,000 sqm and houses a few restaurants, a shopping centre and a radio station. This modern architectural gem was inspired by the fairy tale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer.


“Every once in a while,

in the middle of an ordinary life

Travel gives us a




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