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Dharamshala Diaries – Journey To Peace

by Jasleen K.R. September 14, 2017
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The place to find your inner peace

I’ve heard people saying that journey is the best part of your trip. Well it definitely was for us as we started out at night time heading towards Dharamshala. Staring out the window with songs plugged to your ears and you get to go places even before your trip begins. I still remember the song that was plugged in.

Lights will guide you home

and ignite your bones

And I will try to Fix You..

bus journey to Dharamshala

Through the looking glass

Those blurry images of the road signs to Dharamshala with the backdrop of deodar trees and the soft melodious songs together formed perfect heavenly combination for soul peace.


Reaching Hotel and trekking to Shiva Cafe

We were a bunch of  college kids who planned a trip to the hills. We did an overnight journey on a privately hired bus and technically we should have been tired, but the view of the mountains from the hotel balcony was just too magical to get our energies up.

we mounted our way walking to the top of the hill towards Shiva Cafe

The happy soldiers on the march


On the way to Shiv Cafe on the FIRST DAY, we went to the majestic Bhagsu waterfall. Walking along the shore listening to the rippling flow of the water was the best music my ears heard as we mounted our way towards the Shiva Cafe.


shiva cafe, dharamshala

While waiting for the food to be served



The path was rather thin to walk on but it indeed was adventurous.. We went upto the Shiva Cafe and smoked a hooka or two and had mouth watering Maggi. The food was bit costlier as compared to our hometown cafes but we never minded the costs as I couldn’t complain sitting around all the nature. The view from up there was so magical especially because the air made me feel like I was in some kind of movie with my hair all over my face.


Exploring the local area

The SECOND DAY, we broke from our slumber and took bath by turns as we were sharing the rooms. But most of us preferred not to, because the cold was cruel that day. Nonetheless, the excitement got all lazyheads ready. We chilled at the hotel terrace for the fog made the landscape look even prettier.

walking down the lanes of dharamshala

We walk the lonely road


Then went walking, exploring the area and reached the Anglican church of St. John’s which was only 20 minutes walk away from where we stayed. The first thing we noticed were the graves of the British people. FYI they died in 1905 AD during the violent earthquake that destroyed everything in Dharamshala.

St. John's Church, Dharamshala

The Church of St. John’s. *can still feel the goosebumps* !


The most noticeable one was of Lord Elgin , the British Viceroy who perished here in Dharamshala. The church had a Gothic touch to it and the coniferous trees add the eeriness to the place. Meanwhile I sat in a corner where the entire city was visible from the slope and closed my eyes to the chirping of some melodious bird I couldn’t see.

The graveyard in the church, Dharamshala

We stopped by to read the words on the graves


We continued our exploring and the next stop was Dal Lake which wasn’t much of a scenery. But the walk towards it had us enjoy the captivating sunset from this height and the smell of wet mud as we walked in the drizzle. So to say the journey towards the lake was better than reaching the place.

Dal lake, Dharamshala

The calm and peaceful Dal Lake

We were too tired, as we had actually walked the entire day in Dharamshala. But there is this one thing about these Mountains. It doesn’t matter how exhausted you are at the moment, you would still want to explore more and more of the vast and beautiful nature around. But we had some great plans for the next day. And so we slowly walked back to our hotel and I slept remembering everything I did that day in Dharamshala.


The Triund Trek

The THIRD DAY  again had us trekking from Mcleodganj to Triund where it had rained the previous night. It took us 7-8 hours to finally be there. We stopped a few times to catch a breath during the trek. We regretted not carrying eatables and water as their price kept rising with the rise in the height of the trek.

Lesson learnt – Always carry enough water !


trekking to triund

Trekking to Triund


We reached there just before sunset and nothing in this world seemed more worthy than that view. Some camps, a bonfire and a group of friends to reminisce the magnificence; and you’ll have one of the most memorable nights of your life.


Sunset at Triund

Reaching Triund, the scenery made me forget everything.


I had never seen so many stars in the sky like I was seeing from here lying on the cold wet grass. No noises, no pollution. Just the stars and me. I  was shivering a bit as it was jacket cold and I had only foolishly carried a thin sweatshirt. But the place made me forget all.


Bonfire at Triund, Dharamshala

We lit a bonfire to keep ourselves warm and not freeze to death


We camped overnight and lit a bonfire to stay alive. There is a shack that serves ginger tea and some basic food too which we ate sitting around bonfire and sang songs.


Cold morning in Triund

This is what I saw after waking up ! My friends covering themselves from the cold wind.


The next morning was just another mesmerizing experience. It was still shivering cold, to even step out of our camps but I could not leave this chance of capturing more and more of the memories of this beautiful land.

Triund, Dharamshala

I was lost in the melody of the tune the nature played, and so was he.


I could see my best friend standing, staring and smiling at me. I think he knew I was going to pen down all these memories someday, for which he gave me a perfect smile to capture.


Landscape of Triund

Staring the warm rays of the emerging sun

I could see the sun emerging from the back of Himalayas in front of us. Slowly and gradually going high in the sky, making us feel a little warm. this was just so beautiful. A few of us went further up where there was no one till where we could see. We sat at the edge of the height and meditated to the silence of the hills. I don’t know why people at times say, mountains are scary, nature in its purest form is dangerous.

But i felt safe, I felt home.


Meditating in Triund

When are scary things not so scary ? Oh, when you love them.


Lets sleep a bit day

Trekking downwards to Dharamshala was less tiring than the upwards journey but it took half of our FOURTH DAY. The rest day we slept as we had no such sleep during Triund trek and ended the day with some booze party at the hotel we were staying.

Funtime at hotel in Dharamshala

We sat together singing, playing music and discussing life, ideas, nature.

We danced to the beats of rock and then had dinner at a nearby local restaurant called German Bakery. It satiated our stomachs and we slept soundly after a round of Truth and Dare in our hotel room.


Visiting the Temples and Market

The FIFTH DAY we spent our last hours collecting souvenirs of this memorable place, Dharamshala and visiting the Dalai Lama Temple where flags adorned the ceilings. It was another calm and beautiful place to visit.

And one thing i cannot forget was the two cute twins we saw playing there.


Dalai Lama Temple, Dharamshala

None of us could resist from holding them in our arms capturing the cuteness.


The markets at Dharamshala have a lot to offer to the fashion lovers and the soul lovers too. Dream catchers, mineral rocks, kurtis, yin yang jewelry, Tibetan bowl, good luck chimes and what not. You can take a lot back home from Dharamshala even with limited bucks in your pocket.


Markets of Dharamshala, Mcleodganj

A masterpiece in every shop !

We had our lunch at a Tibetan cafe. It was a small but very tidy place. We chose to have Thukpa and noodle soup, both were equally delicious and stomach filling.


Recollecting the Wanderlust within

Soon it was time to leave this magical place. The metro city could never give me the inner vision that the pious nature around Dharamshala let me have. And this was how our trip came to an end. But i believe Dharamshala was a start for me, a start that made me realize that nature could be my home, a place to rest my soul. And so i decided that i would keep this wanderlust for nature alive within me for lifetime.

Wanderlust, Dharamshala

And so i decided that i would keep this wanderlust for nature alive within me for lifetime.


The journey back was filled with quite peace among us and memories of the Wonderland we had been to……

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