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Celebrating NEW YEAR “Newly” Around The World

by Asmita Vashisth January 2, 2018
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Happy New Year, Bon Annee, Sanah Jadidah, Chu Shen Tan, Feliz Ano~Nuevo or Nav Varsh ki Shubhkamnayein. Different countries, different languages and different cultures but the very same emotion prevailing through all the people across the globe. The emotion to welcome a New Year with a wish to bring more prosperity and happiness to their lives.

Different countries celebrate the very same day in very different ways. With just one life to live, let’s not miss any. Here’s a look at the world’s 7 cities that celebrate New Year in a different manner and each one tempting enough to be there –


1. New York

new year in new york

Revellers cheer as confetti falls in Times Square

World’s major commercial, financial and cultural city lacks nowhere in welcoming the New Year in a grand way. With a gathering of almost a million people at the Times Square to delight their evenings with amazing musicians and the very famous ball drop. The very beautiful fireworks at Liberty Islands visible from the New York harbour is another very beautiful experience the city has to offer. So, to make your celebrations grand and beautiful, do visit this amazing place!


2. London

new year - london

The Royal Parade

With the chiming of Big Ben at midnight and almost 250,000 people at the bank of Thames, the city of kings and queens offers one of the most magical New Year celebrations across the globe. With a 10-minute light-shadow show and fireworks the celebrations are followed by after parties in the whole city. And, this doesn’t end here! The next day there are parades on the roads of the city with costume dancers, marching bands, colourful floats and the queen’s horses.
So if you want to experience a royal welcome to your New Year this is surely your place!

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3. Sydney

new year - sydney

” The Waterfront Show “

Being the first major city to strike midnight and having the largest fireworks in the world this place surely tempts people all over the world to be a part of the celebrations at least once in their lives. There is a complete list of events taking place in the city with the best being the waterfront show.
Including aerial acrobatics and the aboriginal smoking ceremony which is believed to escape bad spirits. Along with this, the city offers the Harbour Light Parade with 50 illuminated boats. With all these things so tempting, what do you wait for?


4. Rio de Janeiro

new year - copacabana

” Wearing white dresses from top to toe “

This huge seaside city in Brazil celebrates New Year with the largest and wildest party in the whole world at the ever popular Copacabana beach.
Along with this, the city welcomes the New Year keeping with their traditions and customs. Wearing white dresses from top to toe, the people toss flowers in the ocean for the ocean goddesses.
Along with the live performances and fireworks, the city never fails to impress anyone.


5. Walt Disney World

new year - disney world

Midnight Fireworks And Laser Show

Who says magic isn’t real? Come here and you’ll find it for sure. The theme park although remains open only till 1 am, the next day is packed with fun activities all around. Along with the usual midnight fireworks and laser show, the MAGIC KINGDOM here has the Jingle Jingle parade and to add to the perks of this place it is less crowded and gives an amazing magical experience of New Year celebrations. So if you want to experience real magic in life, this is your place!

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6. Edinburgh

new year - edinburgh

The EDINBURGH CASTLE has a firework of almost 4.5 tons

This beautiful hilly capital of Scotland has its own ways to welcome the New Year. The celebrations here last for three days. A torchlight procession on 30th December marks the beginning the celebrations. The eve is filled with Street parties and outdoor concerts. An open-air Kelidh, the traditional Celtic party takes place on a massive ground. At 12, the EDINBURGH CASTLE has a firework of almost 4.5 tons.
The day brings a competitive dog sledging at Holyrood Park and the Brave hearts at River Forth jumping in the icy cold water. The celebrations are ended with the Looney parade and the music and art festival.
Too much at the same place!
Enjoy and make it worth your time!!


7. Hong Kong

new year - hong kong

A replica of the celebrations at New York

Cheers to this place for bringing in the most dramatic celebrations of the year! A pyrotechnic dragon dancing across the sky along with the best fireworks one could have ever seen. A replica of the celebrations at New York take place here at the Times Square shopping mall with a similar ball drop taking place. Victoria harbour becomes the hub for all the parties. Avenue of stars and Tsin Tsa Shui are the best for dazzling light shows!
The city brings out the best it can.


These places along with many others make the New Year the most happening celebration of the Year!!
And surely contribute to the list!
With this A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the readers.


A New Year, A New Start

And Way To Go !!

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