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10 Reasons Why You Should Explore the Unexplored

by Priya Bhatt April 1, 2018
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Our beautiful blue planet is like a beguiling book that you can finish reading once and still find another new one to read. You can visit your own country until its deep end and still, there will be so many more places to explore. The spellbinding earth is a never-ending story that you ought to explore. From intriguing places with the mind- babbling histories like Taj Mahal, the alluring islands like Bali and Santorini to enthralling yet “cliched” locations like Mauritius, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and many more places in India like Goa, Manali, Rishikesh, etc. ; you have the whole world to plan your travel  and explore destinations.


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The whole world itself is filled with extremely unexplored or even untouched places that can be added to your bucket list of Travel destinations that will give you not just a lifetime experience to remember but also a huge popularity among people who probably travel to common places and make them change their mind too. As a matter of fact, common destinations are no more in Vogue. We can say that “change is the only constant”. So let’s explore more!


Here are 10 reasons why you should definitely explore the unknown places, be it within your own country itself or the other –


  1. It gives a lifetime memory to your travel vogue 

Priya Bhatt sitting near the river side

Uncover Infinite Possibilities

Yes! Traveling to a place which has been unrevealed ever since, can give you a memory to cherish for a lifetime or apparently, the next topic of your blog! I mean, you know nothing about the place that you just found out and planned to visit there. Also, you haven’t heard much about it from people around you. Just think about the clump of experience, adventure and knowledge you might get out of just going to a place like this to explore it. So, if you are an adventure buff and love to travel, pack your bags and Jet set go…


  1. You discover a new self

two girls dancing with the wind. travel the blue

Know yourself a little more

“You always come back holding a part of wherever you go”, and this is how you discover a new self within you. I personally believe that you get to know yourself better when you travel, besides if you are landing in a totally unknown place, that’s great! Because you are digging deep down into your journey, experiencing new things and figuring out if this is how you like it or just willing to go with the flow. In this way, you can take one step ahead to becoming a “Journey- pursuit Champion” and to explore the unexplored.


  1. You explore infinite possibilities

I can explain this by an experience one of my friends once shared with me. So, he had decided to visit an unexplored yet mystical hill station with few of his friends, likely he knew nothing about how they were going to take this unplanned journey ahead. Since they had their Motor Bikes & Bags packed, they decided to go and had been able to explore hypnotic Waterfalls, thrilling Caves and riveting Temples over there. As a result, that journey marked one of the most precious memories for them and helped out knowing a totally new place and loving the journey too. If my friend solemnly can, why can not you? Since “Travel brings power and Love back into your life”. – Rumi.


  1. The experience is more adventurous and remarkable

Priya standing on a cliff. travel the blue

Push your limits a little further

To us, adventure is stepping out of your comfort zone by doing something that you normally wouldn’t do and visiting unknown places is itself an adventure because it is not always about going away to some exotic destination, but about finding excitement in both the new and the old. Dare yourself to do something out of the ordinary and break away from your everyday routines. This is what adventure means to us. “If you think adventure is dangerous, Try routine. It’s Lethal”.



  1. You learn something new

yoga in peace Travel the blue

Each day teaches you something new

As they say, every place has its own story, we all need to embed that new story and add some freshness to our lives while manifesting something new yet raw. It’s time to note that this earth we all live on is an insanely beautiful place and there still are not-so-familiar exotic and audacious locales which are yet to be traversed. Despite “Life begins at the end of your Comfort zone”.


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  1. You don’t just conform

explore with camera - girl

Don’t Just Conform

Why following a crowd blindly or run with the pack while you can completely go out of the box and choose your own journey to the places that have not been touched for so long! Rebel against the mainstream because the reward for conformity is that everyone likes you but yourself so don’t follow others who are standing out in the crowd, be yourself and push pass others because one day they might be the ones following you.


  1. You are recognized quick on Social Media Platforms

Believe it or not, but in this new era of Social Media, you are only perceived if you are bringing something new and distinct to the existing. Hence, “Different, however, is always noticed”. It might really help if you post or blog about something out of the box. You can write blogs about the unknown places that you have been to and post pictures on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and gain much fair attention by just doing the same. Try this once, it will totally work.



  1. You find the inner peace

Find inner peace. travel the blue

Nourish your inner self with peace

In today’s hassle and Technology- driven life, we hardly give any time to ourselves.  It’s ironic how come we have become so awfully unable to give us our own personal time. The sad truth is that we are actually letting Electronic Machines overboard with our lives and still complaining about them controlling us, but now I believe is the time to go a little easy on life and head where you can entice the weary soul for having a betrothal in the lap of nature. So, pause for a while. “Let’s wander where the wifi is weak”.


  1. You give “common places” a little break

trekking to explore

Give “common places” a little break

Getting away from the crowds gets harder and harder every day as the more people travel, the cheaper traveling gets. You can nonetheless find yourself a destination where you don’t walk into a queue for every single thing you do, where you don’t end up in massive crowds that make it hard to even enjoy the peace and serenity and in this way you are actually gifting the overly-crowded places a rest from being exploited by you too.



  1. You get the urge to repeat and make it a trend for yourself.  

Travel and explore

Let the urge grow


It is rightly believed that once you start having fun doing something, you probably would want to repeat yourself doing it to let the joy continue and so is with heading to the unknown places. You probably might like the idea of “exploring the unexplored” and would be curious enough about redoing it next.


Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.

– Mark Twain.



Explore the Unexplored


While traveling, I found this sentiment to be true. If people traveled and got outside of their corner of the world, there would be less hatred. We would come to understand that all of us are human, sharing this one planet together. We all have hardships, some worse than others, but we can understand what it’s like to feel pain. We have joyous moments, where we can celebrate our small victories. We understand the meaning of family and friends, and what a small gesture like a smile can do for someone who needs one.

This world is turned upside down by prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness when if more people were able to travel and meet people from another corner of the world, we would be able to get along better.


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“There are things known and there are things unknown,

and in between are the doors of perception”

– Aldous Huxley.


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